Sunday, March 28, 2010

In DODD WE TRUST...Daily Show....


In Dodd We Trust Episode #15038 Chris Dodd introduces financial reform legislation, and Jon assumes the same rights as a corporation. (10:39) Tags: Chris Dodd, Bob Corker, economy, reform, Wall Street, business, bailouts, Lehman Brothers, accountability, Camera Three, Supreme Court, photos, Jude Law, intro

Michael Lewis Episode #15037 Michael Lewis talks about a one-eyed man with Asperger's syndrome who made money by betting against the subprime mortgage market. (06:35) Tags: Michael Lewis, interviews, books, Wall Street, economy, money, stocks

Rage Within the Machine - Progressivism Episode #15025 A bearded Samantha Bee reports with her gun phone from an alternate universe free from progressivism. (05:50) Tags: Samantha Bee, on location, Glenn Beck, conservative, government, taxes, facial hair, guns, CPAC, voting, men/women

The New York Crimes - David Paterson & Charles Rangel Episode #15030 David Paterson is accused of abusing his office, and Charles Rangel fails to pay taxes on his rental income. (06:28) Tags: New York, David Paterson, intro, Eliot Spitzer, Nancy Pelosi, scandals, adultery, drugs, corruption, taxes, impressions, ethics, photos, real estate, vacations, potty humor

Jim Cramer Extended Interview Pt. 2 Episode #14036 Jon presents Jim Cramer with some old footage from his shady hedge fund days in this exclusive, uncensored video. (08:24) Tags: Jim Cramer, interviews, CNBC, media, stocks, economy, accountability, ethics, money, exclusives

Magical History Tour Episode #12111 President Bush explains why there may be a reason why people don't understand this war. (4:40) Tags: Iraq War, classic moments, war on terror, Vietnam, George W. Bush

Don't Mess With Textbooks Episode #15039 Since no one knows who Oscar Romero is, the Texas school board decides not to include him in the curriculum. (04:49) Tags: Texas, school, education, reform, history, conservative

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