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Exorbitant profits fund pharmaceutical lobby..and the TOLL it takes on everyday Americans. PROFITS at any cost

WOW! PROFITS at any COST......JUST DO THE MATH...are you smarter than a 5th GRADER? can you add? you've been sold out....again
Our jails are filled with addicts of pain meds, our emergency rooms, doctor offices and hospitals are being abused by pill seekers, taking time and resources away from REAL MEDICAL NEEDS, also a BIG increase of auto related deaths/accidents by impaired drivers, "why is my auto insurance keep going up?"...........job accidents on the rise, "I can't afford medical insurance for my employees".........our police forces, courts and judicial systems are spending additional billions to combat this epidemic; job production, sick days and labor is being crippled by addiction.....are just a few symptons of the outrageous criminal profiteering by BIG PHARM, not to include OVERDOSE DEATHS we see everyday on TV...HELLO.. DEATHS.....
other alarming stats....assciated with LOBBYING MONIES and the LAWS that allow this to continue
"It's The Vaccines Stupid!"5 Sep 2009 ... Part I: Evidence Linking Autism Rise in Children to Vaccinations .... By 1999, because of the various CDC recommendations, the number of ... Thimerosal in numerous over-the-counter non-prescription medications as well as ... - 58k - Cached
Abuse of ADHD Drugs on the Rise - Health News - Health.com24 Aug 2009 ... This may be because teens believe these medications are safe because ... agreed that parents need to monitor any prescription medications their children use to ... Lancet Retracts Vaccine-Autism Study, but Debate Goes On ... - 60k - Cached
autism news and articlesThe number of children diagnosed with autism has been on the rise. ... of the worst things to ever come out of pharmaceutical science because in the end, ... is turning to alternative medicine and away from dangerous prescription drugs
Washington's largest lobby, the pharmaceutical industry, racked up another banner year on Capitol Hill in 2007, backed by a record $197 million lobbying giveaway, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of federal lobbying data. Among the industry's successes: getting two controversial laws extended and thwarting congressional efforts to restrict media ads for prescription drugs.
The spending represents a 32 percent jump over 2006. Driven in part by a busy legislative calendar dominated by issues critical to the industry, the effort raised the amount spent by drug interests on federal lobbying in the past decade to more than $2.7 billion. Pharmaceutical, medical device, and other health product manufacturers, together, spent more than $189 million on lobbying last year, another record and nearly three times the $67 million they spent in 1998, the first full year for which complete records and totals are available.
.....Afganistan is the number producer of OPIUM in the WORLD, HELLO.......what's the common derivative in 90% of pain meds? hmmmmm?
Why are we over in Afganistan, again? how many US soilders died? how many are crippled? who pays the bill for all this at the local VA?'s not the 288 MILLION DOLLARS spent by BIG PHARM in 2009....... to your Congressman, is it? 2009 alone....WOW! is someone getting paid? Your life don't count...It's the economy silly....TRILLION DOLLAR on! take your MEDICATION...and get a JOB!...take a look below at 2007 bribe monies
More than $9.8 million of the $19.4 million the pharmaceutical and health product industry gave in contributions went to members of three committees that regulate the industry: the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, House Committee on Ways and Means, and Senate Committee on Health, Education, and Labor.
As in previous years, the trade group PhRMA led the drug industry in lobbying, spending close to $38 million in 2007, a 29 percent jump over 2006. Among drug companies, Amgen Inc., a biomedical firm based in Thousand Oaks, California, led by spending more than $18.2 million, and Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, notched second with $17.8 million. Other big spenders last year included Roche Holding AG ($11 million), Sanofi-Aventis ($8.4 million), GlaxoSmithKline ($8.2 million), Johnson & Johnson Inc. ($7.7 million) and the trade group Biotechnology Industry Organization ($7.2 million).
The Industry Agenda.....tells on itself....
Lobbying disclosure reports filed with Congress reveal that pharmaceutical interests lobbied on an array of issues. Among the industry's top achievements:
blocking the importation of inexpensive drugs from other countries;
protecting pharmaceutical patents both within the United States and abroad; and
ensuring greater market access for pharmaceutical companies in international free trade agreements.
ps...their making a killing...literally
Rise in number of children diagnosed with autism makes parents ...20 Jul 2008 ... Because the more and more children with Autism. .... Has anybody ever read medicines, prescription or over the counter ... if i had a small child they wont get a vaccine or medication from here unless is a antibiotic lol ... - 95k - Cached

Spending On Prescription Drugs Rose 5.9% In 2009 // PharmalotPrescription drug spending is have grown 5.9 percent in 2009, ... Tied Vaccine To Autism Was 'Unethical” · The Rise Of Marketing-Based Medicine
Flawed Autism Study Retracted by Medical Journal - MedNewsThis rise is part of a trend predating the 1980s, when autism was still ... accurate and independent advice on more than 24000 prescription drugs, ...

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