Friday, February 19, 2010


Like Senator Byrd said..."Shame Shame"

This years 800 BILLION DOLLAR Sneaky Military expense BUGDET, somehow snuck by under the cover of health care at Midnight, again...and like every year, another 800 Billion PLUS to the Military Industrial that's every year...right?

NOW this Heath Care is over 10 years at 800 BILLION,,,right? while Military BUGDET is 7.9 Trillion vs. the 800 Billion., over that same TIME PERIOD..........the math is correct...right, Mr President?


another midnight combination of health care 10 year 800 Billion vs a yearly 800 Billion....absolutely a Bush Clinton tactic...same church different pew....everyone is getting RICH off the American Taxpayer...Military Industrial Complex, BIG PHARM, BIG Insurance and your buddies on WALL STREET....absolutely the same BS from the last two FELONS who called themselves PRESIDENTS...absolutely unreal no MEDIA with BALLS calls you guys on this CRAP

under the cover of 1am voting, AGAIN...just like the last military bill....and Congressional pay raises...and please don't forget Congress to allow themselves another pay raise...hell they worked for 6 months last all their friends on WAll-STREET made a record bonus year

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