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Photo of United States Air Force tunnel boring machine at Little Skull Mountain, Nevada, USA, December 1982. There are many rumors of secret military tunnels in the United States. If the rumors are true, machines such as the one shown here are used to make the tunnels. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy.)

This is a $13 million tunnel boring machine (TBM) used for tunneling at the Nevada Test Site. (Remember that Area 51 is part of the test site.) Many other types of TBMs are used by many government agencies, including the 'nuclear powered TBM' [NTBM] that melts solid rock and leaves behind glass-like walls.

FOX NEWS can't talk about this.......CNN, MSNBC...where are you?

UNDERGROUND BASE &TUNNEL LINKSPage copied from The Sauder Zone

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I hope that over time this page will become the largest underground base and tunneling links pa on the internet. It will start with a relative handful of links and grow steadily. Please send me links to interesting underground sites that are not listed here (and also notify me of any dead links)! I have a particular interest in "secret" underground bases and tunnels. Scroll down the page to view the availablecategories.

Lector caveat: The material in the links below spans the gamut in believability from the factual, and demonstrably true, to the scarcely credible, if not downright incredible. That is to say, not every word in every one of these links is necessarily true. In this world, there are hard facts and there are also flights of fancy. You, the reader, must exercise your humble faculties of discernment and God-given horse sense to carefully sift fact from fable! 'Nuff said. Let's go underground.

U.S. Military

NSA in the Vaults and Tunnels Under the Canberra Embassy
Cheyenne Mountain Complex -- FAS
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado -- NORAD
Abandoned Nuclear Missile Silo Tour
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- Underground Construction (Tunnels), Shafts and Caissons
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- Tunnels and Shafts in Rock
U.S. Navy Tunnels for Coal in Alaska, 1920-21
U.S. Navy's "Rock Site" Plans for Sub-Sea Floor, Mid-Ocean Bases
Artificial Cave Shelters
Hunkering Down for Defense
"Site R" aka "Raven Rock"
Homefront: Site R is secure, but it's not undisclosed
Pine Gap, Australia (NSA, CIA and NRO)
OVEST -- Value Engineering Study Team

FEMA, DOE and Other Federal Agencies

Underground U.S. Government Operating 24/7
Those So-Called Secret Bunkers: Notes From the Underground
Basement Files: Underground D.C.
CIA at Warrenton, Virginia
DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
A Not-So-Secret Tunnel (under Russian embassy in Washington, DC)
Yucca Mountain Project

Other Government and Civil Engineering Projects

Exploring the Chicago Tunnel Company in the 1980s
Ripple Rock Explosion
Ripple Rock
Traylor Bros. Tunnel Projects Guide
Sam's Light Rail Page - Tunnels & Engineering
The Pyongyang Metro
The New York Underground
Boston's Big Dig
World Subway Page
Center of Berlin Construction
Minnesota Library Access Center
New York City Water Tunnel No. 3
London Underground, U.K.
Exploring the Mount-Royal Tunnel ventilation shaft
The New Cascade Tunnel
New York Subway System
Under-River Tunnel Headings Meet (December, 1916)
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

Non-North American Military Underground Bases and Tunnels

"Secret Underground Cities" in the U.K.
Ex-military tunnels, Napoleonic fortifications and Underground tunnels of Kent, England
Rudloe Manor -- U.K.
Iraq's Underground City (scroll down a bit)
Fidel's Underground
Belgian Tunnels Geohazard: Last Legacy of War?
Belgian Town in Danger of Collapse as Homes Threatened by WWI Tunnels
FAS Report on Yamantau Mountain, Russia
U.S. Congressional Statement on Yamantau Mountain, Russia
Fort Taiaroa, New Zealand
Syrian Missile Tunnels
Dimona, Israel
North Korea
Secret North Korean Underground Tunnels
Subterranean Beijing
Bunker Tours: Maginot Line, British and German Tunnels and Bunkers
Arthur Rudolph and the V-2 Tunnels at Nordhausen
580 Kilometers of Tunnels Filled with NAZI Gold
5ยช Bateria Underground Tour -- Spain
M. Ventoso Tunnel Tour -- Spain

Mormon Church

Mormon Underground Geneological Vaults in Wasatch Mountains

General Interest & Miscellaneous

"Going Underground" -- Entertaining Tour of London's "Tube" (subway system)
Minneapolis Urban Adventurers ACTION SQUAD: Underground Missions
Humans Underground
HAARP -- Detection and Imaging of Underground Structures Using ELF/VLF Radio Waves
Tunnels of the World
Subtropolis: The World's Largest Underground Business Complex

Corporate Underground Facilities

Radar Ranges Of The Mojave
Exploring the Chicago Tunnel Company in the 1980s
AT&T Underground Sites at Finland and Raven Rock Mountain, Pennsylvania

Corporations That Make Underground Tunnels and Facilities

Perini Corporation
Traylor Bros.
Traylor Bros. Tunnels Project Map
Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.
Herrenknecht AG
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Elgood-Mayo Corporation
Dawn Engineering
EKO System
Amalgamated Construction

Tunneling and Underground Construction Publications, Conferences,
Associations and Institutes

Infra-Tunnel 1999
American Underground-Construction Association
American Underground-Construction Association -- 2001 Activity Report
American Underground-Construction Association Corporate Member Directory
International Tunneling Association
Tunnel Business Magazine

Tunnel Boring Machines

Recovery of Underground Boring Machines
State-of-the-art tunnel boring machine set to carve out Queens water tunnel
Tunnel boring machines

Underground Tunneling and Construction Methods

Ground Freezing
Underground Stalk Industrial Method
Tunnel Construction


Cave Database
National Speleological Society
National Caves Association
Saudi Desert Caves
Caves and Caving in the U.K.
Wookey Hole Caves, U.K.
Carlsbad Caverns National Park Page

Ancient Tunnels and Prehistoric Civilizations

The Mystery of Oak Island
King Solomon’s Quarries Under Jerusalem (scroll down a bit)
The Double Gate Tunnels - The Ancient Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem (Part 1)
Oman: Prehistoric Deep Underground Tunnels
Inca Tunnels
Ancient Roman Aqueduct Tunnels
Underground Rome
Mysterious Tunnels
The Mystery of South America's Subterranean Tunnels
Ancient Tunnels in South America (Part 1)
Ancient Tunnels in South America (Part 2)

The Grab Bag of Unusual Stuff

Friend's of Williamson's Tunnels

Alleged Alien "Secret" Bases

Dulce Base Information Page
A Field Trip to Dulce, New Mexico
NIDS Refutes Dulce Wachtower Claims
Brad Smith on Paul Bennewitz and Dulce
Dulce & Other Underground Bases and Tunnels
Project Tobacco: Claimed NM underground base

New World Order Conspiracy & News

Washington sets up shadow government
What is going on at the Denver Intl. Airport?

Miscellaneous Underground Conspiracies

Think About It
The Phil Schneider Lecture
The Famous "Billy Goodman Happening"
Project Redbook
The Branton Files
Montauk Project
Montauk Tunnels
FEMA and the Hidden Underground Government

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